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About Havana

The capital of all Cubans

A good Cuban tobacco is a cigar; a symbol of Cuba is the Morro of Havana; an universal man is the Havana José Martí. And it is so, without prejudice of other important cities of the island, their capital has an enormous significance in the general history; passing, recent, present and, clearly, future domestic.

Morro, Bahia, Miramar

Havana City has many charms and mysteries, but the main of all maybe is their atmosphere. The city whose Historical Center is Patrimony of the Humanity, lives today with its humanist and seafaring essence.

Molds, columns, capitals, cornices, they have evolved in new aesthetic solutions inside the modern city, in front of the same sea always, blue and fresh.

Plaza de la Revolucion Jose Marti

It is so to travel her it is to live their history, their different times, from the distant XVI century until the XX one, from the narrow colonial back streets of the Occupations and of the Merchants, until the modern and tree-lined Fifth Avenue. It will check how the Havana ones take the unmistakable accent that encourages the life in the tropical latitudes and the singular clarity of an own identity, at the same time that Caribbean.

Miramar de Noche

Havana embraces an area of 732 square kilometers of which has hardly urbanized 172. But it is a great city of 15 municipalities and more than two million inhabitants, where the domestic central government and their most important institutions reside; interesting museums, universities, theaters and culture centers work.

This is “the city of the columns”, as it defined it I Move away Carpentier; that of the strengths that have escorted her to inclination several centuries; that of the Cathedral where better the Baroque evolved in the New World.

Plaza de la Catedral

Its squares, its parks, its avenues, its neighborhoods full with orishas, the beaches that are neighboring and their people's heat, they transform him into excellent place where some days to happen.

Playas del Este en la Habana

But if you don't prepare more than of some hours of freedom total leave to travel their streets, don't doubt to be made their own itinerary that well could begin for the Square of Weapons, flanked by important monuments like the Castle of The Force, the one Tempers you, the hotel Santa Isabel, the Palacio of the Second End and the Museum of the General Captains.

Travel the old streets of the Occupations and Merchants, pass for the Old Square, arrive at the Basilica of San Francisco from Assisi with its square, the neighboring Rasher of the Trade and the great building of the Customs.

Lonja del Comercio

Breathe the air with scent to sea and burnt oils of the port in Paula's Boulevard.

Walk for Bishop, as he/she made it so many times Hemingway, of the hotel Both Worlds to the Florida, cradle of the Daiquirí.

El Capitolio

Go to the Central Park. Admire the Great Theater of Havana and the Capitol. Return behind and from the coast it goes up the heights of the Preserve for the streets 23, I Go for a walk and G, which will drive him until interesting places as The Ramp, the University and the Square of the Revolution. Lower for them selves if he/she came for Queen, Carlos Third or Zapata, and again in the Pier it goes the river Almendares by the tunnel and travel the tree-lined and magnificent Fifth Avenue, in Miramar. Then it will be been able to have fact an idea of the capital of Cuba in their current aspect, although very synthetic.